To The Potential Vendor

Homespun Craft Mall located in Surfside Beach, SC offer a unique shopping experience as well as a unique business opportunity. If you are into manmade items, antiques and collectibles and interested in selling your items, Homespun is the place for you. Our store houses over 80 diversified vendors. Various size booth and wall space are available for rent.

Homespun Craft Mall is located in a very high traffic area within the City of Surfside Beach, just two miles south of Myrtle Beach, SC.


Homespun Craft Mall advertises in many local monthly publications. We are also a member of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce which allows us many advertising opportunities throughout the year.

How We Operate

Each vendor is required to sign a 6 month lease initially. Once the initial lease period has been satisfied, the vendor then goes on a month to month lease with a 30 day written notice required before vacating the space. We take 15 % commission off of all sales. The commissions help to cover the cost of advertising, bags, bar code labels, supplies (wrapping paper, tissue paper, etc.).

Pay period cutoffs are the 10th and 25th of each month. A detailed computerized sales report accompanies each pay period check. Homespun uses a computerized bar code system which generates all sales tags. Bar codes are vendor specific and include vendor number, item description and sale price.

Forms of Payment

Homespun Craft Mall accepts Visa, MasterCard, Cashier Checks and personal checks with proper photo ID. Credit Card Merchant Fees and any return check fees are absorbed by Homespun Craft Mall and NOT passed on the vendor. We also provide the business license so that’s one less worry and we collect and pay all state sales tax.

Vendor Guidelines

1. Rent is due by the 5th of each month. A $20.00 late fee is charged after the 5th of the month and increases to $45.00 if not paid by the 10th of the month.

2. Booths may be painted or wall papered. Booths can be stocked and decorated during regular business hours. We encourage vendors to decorate their space.
The more attractive and inviting the booth looks, the more appeal it has to potential customers. A cluttered booth or one that is not updated on a regular basis generally gets passed over by customers.

3. Use of extension cords is not allowed. Power strips are to be used instead.

4. Vendors may run specials or sales at any time. Homespun will be glad to print sale signs for vendors. Please be sure to notify the front counter staff of any sale prices.

5. We encourage vendors to promote their items. Business cards or catalogues may be displayed in your space. You may also advertise that you offer special or custom orders. We want you to make money.

6. The staff is here to help you. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or for any assistance that you may need.

Space Prices

All prices are per month.

4 x 4 wall space $ 40.00 per month
4 x 8 wall space $ 70.00 per month
4 x 4 booth $ 105.00 per month
4 x 6 booth $ 135.00 per month
4 x 8 booth $ 165.00 per month
6 x 6 booth $ 185.00 per month
6 x 8 booth $ 210.00 per month

Larger booths are also available. Please inquire at front counter for more details.

Discounts are given for multiple space rentals.

A one time $25.00 deposit/set-up fee is required for booth space. This holds the booth until you can set up and also covers the initial cost of bar codes for your inventory.

First month’s rent is prorated based on numbers of days left in month AFTER booth is set up and inventory has been bar coded.